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If Safety Is Your #1 Concern You'll Choose EquiSpirit

Other horse trailer companies may talk about safety, but EquiSpirit Trailer Company delivers from start to finish.

In 1983, company founders Neva and Tom Scheve decided that many improvements needed to be made in the design and construction of horse trailers, and they set out to make them. As a long time horsewoman, Neva realized that transport could be stressful for the horse and dangerous for the owner.

Safety doesn't only mean safe construction, but also includes a design that creates a healthy and stress free environment for the horse, while protecting the human partner as well.

For almost 30 years, the Scheves have dedicated themselves to promoting horse trailer safety for the benefit of all horses and the owners who love them. The EquiSpirit Horse Trailer is the result.

Neva writes national articles on horse trailer safety, does nationwide safety clinics, and has written three books on horse trailer safety, including "The Complete Guide To Buying, Maintaining, and Servicing A Horse Trailer."

"It doesn't stop there," says Tom Scheve, husband . "The unique staff at EquiSpirit assists customers directly, taking them through the entire process of safe towing. We love our horses; we suspect that you love yours too."

Tom also writes national horse trailer safety articles, assists with trailer safety clinics and is owner and designer, along with Neva, of EquiSpirit trailers.

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Real Value "Setting You Apart - Keeping You Safe"

There is real value in the prevention of accidents and injuries both in dollars and in peace of mind. Here are some of the ways in which EquiSpirit's standard safety features saves you money and stress by keeping you and your horses out of harm's way:

  • CompositeBuilt using today's strongest and most technologically advanced materials to help protect your horses in a minor or major accident.
  • Standard full height rear doors with windows along with a spring loaded ramp secures the horses behind tough, durable doors so you can put the ramp up and down with no worry of you, or the ramp, getting kicked. This feature also puts a solid structure behind your horses that together with the ramp, helps protect them in a rear collision.
  • Quick-hitch butt bar safety latches to get your horses secured in seconds, thus getting you out from behind your horse's legs quickly.
  • Quick-release breast bars that can be released under the weight of your horse if he accidentally gets straddled over it.
  • Standard horse door safety latches to secure all horse doors from popping open, or getting kicked open.
  • Three sets of turn signals strategically placed for visibility, along with twice the running lights required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) - all LED to increase visibility and reduce battery usage.
  • Horse proof interior door latch guards to keep horses from playing with latches.
  • Standard weight distribution snap-up brackets on all tag-alongs to encourage use of a weight distribution system which boosts the rating on your hitch, and provides greater control over your rig.
  • Self-Adjusting Brakes:  All trailer brakes need to be adjusted periodically. EquiSpirit’s trailer brakes automatically continually adjust themselves for optimum braking.
  • Eight Turn Signal  Brake Lights – 6 LED turn signals on the rear to include a traveling turn signal and two large turn signal/brake lights on the fenders that can be seen from the driver’s seat.
  • Much More.

Setting You Apart. Keeping You Safe.

EquiSpirit is for those who appreciate the value of being safe, and the value of their horses riding in style and comfort. To fully appreciated the safety features ingrained into every EquiSpirit, check out the Trailer Tour.

EquiSpirit's Wrap-Around Safety Plus

Safety doesn't end with horse trailer features and construction. EquiSpirit's knowledgeable staff will walk you through the entire purchasing process, making sure your tow vehicle, hitch, hitch attachments, and braking systems are all correctly rated, installed properly, and working together to get you there safely.

Tom and Neva's Personal Commitment
"Always operate in the overall interest and well-being of horses."

The owners and developers of the EquiSpirit line of horse trailers, Tom and Neva Scheve, have put over 25 years of experience and research into making horse trailers safer. Neva has been involved with horses for over 45 years. They have shared their accumulated safety knowledge in numerous national articles, and national safety clinics. Neva is also internationally known throughout the horse world for having written three books on horse trailers, including the industry acclaimed textbook - The Complete Guide to Buying, Maintaining, and Servicing a Horse Trailer .

EquiSpirit's Satisfaction Guarantee
If you're not happy - We're not happy"

EquiSpirit gives you a simple, no questions asked, guarantee: If your trailer doesn’t match your order details, we will correct the changes at no additional cost to you. What EquiSpirit Owners Are Saying.

EquiSpirit's LifeTime Support
When you invest into an EquiSpirit; EquiSpirit invests in you"

When you buy an EquiSpirit horse trailer, you are buying it directly from the company, not from a dealer. Buying a horse trailer direct from the company instead of indirectly through a horse trailer dealer (middleman), makes a huge difference when it comes to customer commitment. Since horse trailer dealers indirectly represent the lines they carry, not only do their selling motives vary, their interests in making sure you're safe and happy with a particular line are not often a priority during and after the sale.

All EquiSpirits sales, warranty, and after-the-sale service is done directly by the EquiSpirit company, eliminating the middleman (dealers). Horse Trailer companies may come and go over time, but we'll always be here. Being happy with your EquiSpirit horse trailer is imperative to our well being as well as yours.

EquiSpirit's Bonded Trailer Delivery System

If a driver has an accident delivering your new horse trailer, are you liable? It's possible, if the dealer you buy from is not knowledgeable about insurance regulations. Our delivery specialists are bonded and insured for your protection. They are also trained to introduce you to your new trailer, and will spend the time needed to answer all your questions. Learn more about our Long Distance Delivery Experts.

EquiSpirit's No Hassle Price

EquiSpirit's advertised price is the real price. There is no "call for pricing" and no need to waste your time shopping the country for the best deal. EquiSpirit's pricing is listed on our web site and in our brochures for your convenience. One shop pricing protects your future equity value, and gives you peace of mind, knowing you got the best deal. Click on the links below to calculate each model with options.

1 horse trailer "Horse and Tack" Tag-along

2 Horse Trailer Bumper Pull Non-Dressing Room

2 Horse Trailer Bumper Pull w/ Dressing Room

2 Horse Trailer Gooseneck w/Dress/Tack Area

EquiSpirit 3 Horse Trailer "SafeLoad"

4 Horse Trailer Head to Head Centerload w/ Dressing Room

Non-EquiSpirit Trailer Owners

When it comes to safety, we don't discriminate. We are always happy to answer questions and to give helpful advice about all facets of horse trailers and towing, no matter what you own or intend to buy.

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