The NEW & IMPROVED EquiSpirit!!!

It has always been our intention for EquiSpirit to continue to evolve so our design is the safest, and the construction is the best.  When we see that something can be improved, we feel it’s important to make those changes.  For years, EquiSpirit was an “indirect manufacturer”.  In other words, we contracted with a trailer manufacturer to build the EquiSpirit trailer according to our own design specifications, which, in the beginning, were very different from how trailers were being built at the time.

We were the first to...

  • Offer a trailer specifically for warmbloods and other large horses.
  • Use our own experience and knowledge to offer design features that greatly enhanced the health, safety, and well being of the horse and handler.
  • Add extra height and width.
  • Offer the combination of no rear center post, windows in the bulkhead wall, full doors with ramp over, quick release butt and breast bars, and completely removable interior dividers.
Since our beginning in 1988 we have been continually making improvements and adding additional safety features.

At the time, we chose the manufacturer who shared our own beliefs about construction to build the trailer for us.   This worked very well until newer technology became available and we wanted to make some changes.  Since we had limited control over the manufacturing process, we decided to move all production to North Carolina so that all aspects of the trailer, including research and development and living quarters, could be done all under one roof.

We now have our own factory

Beginning in 2009, we have been able to have complete control of our design and manufacturing process.  We have made many changes that improve the quality and safety of the EquiSpirit Horse Trailer.  The new EquiSpirit has the same superior construction and safety as the previous EquiSpirit, but with many improvements that make it even better.  Now with our own factory, we will continue to make improvements as new technologies becomes available.

Tom and Neva Scheve

EquiSpirit Improvements

Improvements After 2009 Before 2009
Roof- Dual Insulated  with baked-on enamel  galvanized steel and outer baked —on enamel aluminum sheeting bonded to 1” Styrofoam insulation for greater climate control Fiberglass Roof with galvanized steel frame.
SafeKick ® interior liner Rubber lined sidewalls
Vacuum sealed exterior turn signals/brake lights, sealed beam exterior roof rear marker lights, larger exterior lights and rear turn signal lights Standard LED lights
Chrome light guard on all exterior running lights No light guards

Pre-painted baked on white enamel inner

Galvanized steel wall to eliminate paint and galvanized steel dividers, front center post, and butt/ breast bars

Galvanized steel interior walls painted with epoxy paint, powder coated dividers
Zinc coated butt bar latches Painted butt bar latches

NeverLube axles on trailers over 12,000 lb. GVWR.

EasyLube axles on trailers under 12,000lb. GVWR

Rubber torsion suspension.

Self Adjusting Brakes

Standard axles w/rubber torsion suspension
Aluminum fenders Fiberglass fenders
Unique stainless steel ramp latch Painted steel paddle latches
Increased density and width of center post 2”x4” 2”x2”  center post
Non-rusting cast aluminum safety latches Painted steel safety latches
Adjustable coupler on tag-along models Standard non-adjustable coupler on  tag-along models
No plywood in ramp Treated plywood in ramp interior
2 inch foam in sidewall pads 1 inch foam in sidewall pads
5 year warranty on plywood floor in dressing room

Covered on 3 year warranty

Stronger full height rear doors built tough with inner galvanized steel (insulated) and outer aluminum skin to protect from rear impact and to keep horses behind closed doors while working the ramp Full height rear doors built tough with inner galvanized steel (insulated) and outer aluminum skin to protect from rear impact and to keep horses behind closed doors while working the ramp
Vinyl EquiSpirit special striping Painted stripe
Galvanized tubular steel framing in side walls to form the protective cage-like structure Same
One inch thick Styrofoam insulation in side walls throughout the entire trailer Same
Baked-on enamel aluminum skin outer wall to withstand weather and to make it easy to clean Same
Lifetime warranty pressure treated wood floor Same



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