Two Horse Non-Dressing Room Tag-Along
Standard Design Features

"Leading The Way In Horse Trailer Safety"

two horse tag along trailer"Easy to lift" Ramp Behind Two Full Height Rear Doors — In the rear of your trailer, your horses are protected by two full height galvaneeled (non-rust) doors. The inside of the steel doors are rubberlined to absorb and withstand full back kicks without flying open or hurting your horse.

Two large 20x24 screened windows up high in rear doors allow air flow in but keeps insects, and unwanted flying objects out. A 6'8" wide, 48" tall, low angle (prevents slipping) easy-to-lift ramp closes behind the rear doors to prevent horses slipping underneath the rear of the trailer when backing out. A two point outside lockable latch allows you to open each rear door individually without having a center post between the horses, and allows you to let one horse out with the other door fully closed.

Galvanized / Powder Coated Steel Center Divider, Front and Rear Posts, Butt and Breast Bars — to withstand and help protect horses, not only from major accidents, but especially from minor accidents where aluminum (1/3 strength of steel) might fail. Whereas aluminum tears and sheers which can easily lacerate horses, galvanized steel is stronger, and only bends when stressed beyond its capacity.

Triple Wall Construction — the galvanized steel (non-rusting) inner wall provides a tough inner cage around your horses, such as you have in your tow vehicle. Between the inner wall and outer aluminum skin is one-inch Styrofoam insulation for a climate-controlled quiet ride. The inner walls are pre-painted, baked-on enamel white galvanized steel to eliminate paint failure and chipping and are easy to clean.

One Piece Steel Reinforced Fiberglass Roof — whereas most trailer roofs have overlapping material and rivets, all which have to caulked against leaks, the standard EquiSpirit roof is made separately and mounted as one piece. Instead of the tubular steel being attached to the steel cross supports with rivets, the steel is molded right into the Fiberglass giving it strength and eliminating the possibility of leaks.

Dual Opening Aluminum Roof Vents - for each horse, allows the regulating of air flow in each stall. The vents also provide an escape for hot air that builds up in the trailer.

Aluminum Fenders - are lightweight yet strong enough to withstand a blow out. and can be easily replaced by most body shops if damaged. Equispirit trims the bottom of the fender with a tough vinyl guard to eliminate and sharp edges – protecting your horses when tied to the side of the trailer.  

Diamond Plate Gravel Guard — diamond-plate full-length of fenders (both sides) replaces standard gravel guards on fenders. Whereas the standard diamond plate gravel guard protects the front of the fender from rocks and debris from the road, the full length diamond plate gravel guard runs across the top of the fender and down the back to protect the fenders from items placed on it, or debris flying up from behind. It also "fancies" up the look of the fender.

Lifetime Warranty Pressure Treated #1 Grade Pine Floor — not only stays cooler, but the 16"-on-center cross-member steel bracing (like putting joists closer together under a house floor) gives it that added extra safety factor of strength.

Rubberlined Floors — the 5/8 inch mats completely cover the wood floor for the comfort of your horse and to keep the urine and manure on the mats instead of the floor. They are easy to remove and clean, and they reduce stress to your horse's legs by absorbing shock.

Easy Lube Rubber Torsion Axles — unlike "spring and shackle" axles, the independent torsion suspension not only gives your horse a smoother ride, it allows you to travel level and stable for some distance on three wheels - a true safety feature if you have a flat on a busy road. Easy Lube axles make it easy to lube and maintain the bearings.

Heavier Duty Goodyear Radial Tires — for that little higher rating without a stiffer ride.

Spare Tire with Unique Air-Flow Vinyl Cover - is the same high quality tire that is on the wheels of the trailer. Often the manufacturer provides a lower quality spare tire or none at all. The tire is mounted on the ditch side of the trailer for safe and easy access on a busy road. EquiSpirit's Air-Flow mesh-front allows air to travel through the tire cover preventing it from blowing off and getting wind torn over the years.

Swinging Center Divider — fully padded, and made of tough, durable galvanized /powder coated steel, it provides a good, non-breakable barrier to separate your horses. The shoulder portion of the divider is designed to eliminate a horse's head from getting stuck behind the front center post if he decides to turn his head and look back. With no rear center post, this divider quickly swings left or right to allow more space for horses to enter, or can be fastened over to the side to give more room if you're only carrying one horse.

Removable Interior Dividers and Posts — all dividers are uniquely hinged with removable pins so you can quickly disassemble the interior of the stall area. This allows you to quickly get to, and remove a downed or sick horse. Or, the removable dividers gives you one large stall for hauling mares and foals (with a full width butt bar), or hauling the kid (and all their stuff) off to college.

Quick Release Fully Padded Butt/Breast Bars — are designed with a safety guard feature that prevent your horses from pushing back through them before they are pinned. The pins are also designed to be reachable and fairly easy to release under a horses full weight, if a horse becomes straddled over the bar. The butt bar is also placed to give horses room for their tails.

Swivel Tie Rings — 3 tie rings per stall allow you to tie your horses in a number of configurations. Unlike other tie rings which are bolted or welded and stick out from the side of the trailer, these lay safely flat against the wall when not in use.

6 Large Safety-Glass Screened Windows — are placed throughout the 2 horse non-dressing room trailer for ultimate ventilation. Unlike Plexiglas, they won't flex or expand which insures that they will continue to slide easily and not split from the heat for years to come. The screens keep out unwanted flying debris, such as insects, road debris, and cigarette butts.

  • Two large 20"x24" windows are placed in the rear doors for cross ventilation.
  • Two large 20"x48" slide opening screened windows are placed in each stall area for side ventilation.
  • Two large 20"x24" slide opening screened windows are placed in the wedge nose for light and front ventilation.

Walk-Thru Doors — two 30" width full height walk through doors into the horse head area gives you access to the horses in case of problems, and permits access to the horses in case of problems or to give them hay and waters. Both horse area doors have safety latches in addition to the normal door latches and can be locked, along with the rear doors, to protect stored equipment in the trailer.

Exterior Safety Latches — large butterfly safety latches on all horse area doors secure all horse area doors from popping open while trailering.

PerformAir Vents (Optional) — unlike most standard vents, the eco friendly PerformAir Vents are larger and designed to bring in more air flow and have filters to reduce toxic gases from surrounding vehicles.

Door Tie Backs-allows you to securely latch the doors open and ensures doors will not swing closed from strong winds or being bumped.

6 LED Turn Signal/Brake Lights — two each are located on each side of the rear of the trailer, spaced on the lower 1/3 and upper 1/3. Large turn signal/brake lights are also mounted on the side fenders which can be easily seen by the driver and from traffic passing along your side.
LED Running Lights - to give more outside visibility to your trailer than even DOT (Department of Transportation) requires.

Double Clear Dome Lights with Switch — a side-by-side double light unit gives extra light for the stall area of the trailer for night time loading or traveling.

Padding and Rubber Lining — is on all horse area side walls to extra-protect horses from scrapes and bruises, and to give them a more comfortable, safer ride.

Vinyl Padding — is mounted above the rubber lining on the horse area side walls, and on both sides of the center divider to provide protection and comfort while the horses are balancing during travel.

Rear Header Pad — is mounted in the interior over the top rear doors to protect your horse's head from injury if it were to fling its head up while backing out of the trailer.

Two Heavy-duty Vinyl Feed Bags — are deeper than most, allowing your horses to eat more naturally in the trailer. Unlike hanging rope feedbags, which generate hay and dust that can lodge in a horse's respiratory system, these keep the hay below their heads. They are easily removable and cleanable.

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