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Be very careful about buying long distance from other dealers.

Most all horse trailer dealers do not have the experience, the knowledge, and the wherewithal to have a trailer shipped from the factory direct to you. For most all horse trailer dealers, standard operating procedure is to have the horse trailers shipped to their lot, and then (hopefully) they inspect for things not working right, for things missing, sharp edges from bad welds, etc., and most importantly, to check axles, brakes, floor boards, frame and structure (manufacturers generally don't check wheel bearings and axles before they go out.)

With the advent of the Internet, a lot of dealers are thinking "wow, I can shoot some customer a good price because I can ship it right to them without having to fool with it, or service it."

This can't happen when you get your EquiSpirit. Since all of our EquiSpirits are shipped long distance, straight from the factory, we have become professionals at shipping. Besides the standard factory check over, each trailer is put through a 101 item check list. We check out every specific aspect of the trailer, from one end of the trailer to the other. This includes all lighting, structure, bolts, axles, tire pressure, bearings, the works. Then the inside is swept clean of all debris, wire scraps, stray bolts, etc., and is scrubbed down, with all vinyl getting a protective coating. After that's completed, all options, and placement of your special requirements are checked to be as they should be, and installed in the right place. This ensures that you get what you ordered, and that the trailer is safely ready to roll upon arrival.


How sure are we that you will be completely satisfied with your new EquiSpirit?

EquiSpirit gives you a simple, no questions asked, guarantee: If your trailer doesn’t match your order details, we will correct the changes at no additional cost to you.


What if I need service or warranty repair later on?

Most horse trailer dealers are used to selling in their immediate area. So again, they do not understand, or are not set up to service you over long distances. And even if a dealer does have a repair center (many do not) they usually want you to come to them. And, as you well know, full service horse trailer dealers are almost never right down the street - sometimes not even in the same county.

EquiSpirit has designed, tested and implemented a long distance service program that serves you better than most dealers. Thanks to our service and warranty professionals, you have someone on-call, Monday through Friday, ready to solve all your service and warranty needs. Unlike a car that has spark plugs, timing belts, computer chips, drive trains, etc., a horse trailer is basically a box on wheels. All service can be done at your nearby body shop.

Our Customer Service Department works directly with you and/or the body shop on repairs and maintenance, shipping them parts, faxing and/or emailing them instructions. Their goal is to get your trailer back on the road fast. If it is a warranty problem, we will determine this quickly and we are glad to pay the shop directly or reimburse you for the bill immediately. Best of all, body shops do this for a living (whereas trailer dealers often do it out of necessity) so body shops tend to get things done professionally, and fast.


Our drivers will deliver the trailer at your convenience, not ours - including after hours, Saturday or Sunday. Our drivers also wash the trailer before it arrives. And whereas many drivers are anxious to drop it and run, our drivers will take the time to make sure you are comfortable with your new trailer before they leave. Of course they are bonded and insured so if anything happens to your trailer on the way there, it's our liability and responsibility, not yours.

Our professionals will make your buying experience with EquiSpirit a pleasure.

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