Did You Know...?

Here are Some Interesting Facts about EquiSpirit Trailer Company That You might Not Know.

We Build Equine Ambulances

equine-ambulance"Safety and the overall well being of our horses has always been the cornerstone mission for EquiSpirit." Neva and Tom Scheve have evangelized this thought from the early days of EquiSpirit and back in 1993, they got involved with a fledgling organization of concerned horse people and veterinarians. The mission of this organization was to provide specialized Equine care and transport in the event of natural disasters and in emergency situations.

One of the first units of its kind on the East Coast, the MCEERU unit was designed and built by Equispirit to be a horse ambulance and mobile veterinary hospital if necessary. The unit has evolved over the years and is now in the capabable hands of a new generation. Now called NC-EAST (North Carolina Equine Assistance and Specialized Transport), they have an experienced and fully trained staff to handle any emergency with your horses.


All the members have achieved certification in Large Animal Rescue techniques and the unit is equipped with state of the art rescue equipment. Not only do they deploy in emergency situations but are also available to standby at various Equine related events in the Southeast (other places too!) Our very own sales manager, Tim Ryan, serves on the board of directors and is a fully certified driver and attendant. 

We, at Equispirit, are proud to be involved with NC-EAST as they are exactly what we are about - safety first. We invite you to check them out at www.nc-east.com for more details about the services they provide. And as always;  Think Safety - Think Equispirit!

EquiSpirit Trailers Help Protect Our Nation's Capitol

We are proud that our US Capitol Horse Mounted Police Department has chosen three EquiSpirit trailers as the official transportation for their horses.

It's nice for us to know that we have helped contribute to the comfort and safety of those horses that are being used to protect our nation's capital.

We Write for Numerous Publications

Known for our expertise in horse trailer safety, we are often invited to write for National and International Equine publications. Look for our articles in your favorite publications including Equus, Horse & Rider, Dressage Today, Chronicle of the Horse, Horse Illustrated, Practical Horseman, Trail Blazer, Trail Rider, US Rider online magazine, and Equine Wellness.

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