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We always appreciate hearing from our customers. And it is reassuring to receive so many compliments. Below are just a few correspondence from satisfied customers of EquiSpirit.

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Hi Barbara,

I really like the new EquiSpirit tag a long trailer. 
It will give me plenty of room for the horses that I may have to haul.  I like it even better than the 3 horse that we had.

My friends that have seen it really like it too.  Some have remarked about how low that ramp is and how light it is.  All good things. 
It should be easy to teach a new horse to load.  Love the color and the door latches.

Have not had it hooked up yet but I plan to next week for sure. 
I am taking it and the vehicle to a "hitch place" that is really good so that I know it will be hooked up correctly.

I am able to keep it inside also so it should be easier to keep clean and looking nice.

Karen from Ohio


Hello EquiSpirit -

I bought a white with purple accent EquiBreeze trailer in January and I'm loving it. I know it's silly, but I love the way the trailer looks with the purple metallic accents. But more importantly, my horse Bella has decided that she likes the trailer as well as she is loading well. While I don't want to humanize horses, I believe she is more comfortable with the roominess of this trailer than with my previous trailer.

I don't believe we could have learned to trailer as easily on my old trailer because there was a tack room in the way, no escape door and the pins and slant dividers were a harder to use with my previous trailer.

My EquiBreeze has really user friendly butt bar locks, lots of room, easy to drive, and feels easier to clean...just overall easy to use.

Bella has tested some of the safety features out too and they are great features. Thanks for the trailer, I have enjoyed it so far!

Jennifer in SC

Hi Tom,

Sorry I hadn't e-mailed earlier, we are in the middle of cutting our hay.

I wanted to write a short note to tell you how much I just love this trailer. Every single detail is just amazing and so thought out for both horse and person.The welding puddles are a work of art. The handles, door holders, hinges, pins work and are the best quality so will remain working. I so appreciate this. That small metal molding strip along the floor separating the floor mats from the wall makes cleaning a pleasure. No more stuck "stuff" in cracks.

Love the tail lights. That extra brake light on the side fenders that goes on when applying the brakes alleviates the worrisome question "are my brake lights really working?" The "no lip" when entering the tack room is another added plus. No more tripping. An a silly little thing like the small "made in America" tag on the hay bag seems to say it all. I am proud to be the owner of this handsome EquiSpirit trailer. And a Thank you to Chris Cox for a safe delivery.

Thank you,

My horses and I love my new EquiSpirit 3-horse Safe-Load. It's easy to haul around and the horses are very comfortable. It's a great looking trailer, people always comment on how nice it is.

Thank you for great advise and customer service!

Gundi from CA

Hi Barbara

Here are a couple photos of my husband, Ron and I with our horses (Rusty and Wyatt) next to our new EquiSpirit trailer.

We love the design of our two-horse straight load bumper pull trailer and all the optional features we were able to choose for our needs. The design lends itself to easy and safe loading and unloading of the horses.

The trailer is easy to hitch and pull with my F-150 truck. Everyone at EquiSpirit wasvery helpful throughout the processing of our order and construction of the trailer.

Thank you for the attention to detail in constructing a trailer that is comfortable and safe for my horses. We hope to use it for many miles of trailriding in Texas!

Betsy in Texas

Hi guys!

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my new trailer!!  It arrived right on time and Neal was great!  We've already been to a horse show in it and it actually tows better than my old one!    It seems like it's more in sync with my truck. 

 I haven't put the big horse on yet, but I know he's going to love the space.   I think the pony felt like he was in a  castle!

 Thanks again for all your help and for making a great trailer!

Dana S.

Hi Barbara,

Love the EquiBreeze trailer! Thanks for all  your help. Neil, the delivery guy, was super nice, very helpful, and showed up right on time.

I will let you know how my first road trip goes Thanksgiving weekend.

Laura from Mississippi

Well, we have had the trailer for 2 months and have really enjoyed it. The construction/quality is better than anticipated, it pulls great, looks first class, and we have received many compliments. When we ordered the trailer we were promised delivery by March 10 since we had a show and needed it by the 14th. It was here on the 10th.

The driver, who delivered the trailer, called several times once he left the factory to keep us informed. When he arrived in town he called to confirm the time and to inform us that he was able to wash the trailer (weather was an issue). He went over everything in detail, was very knowledgeable and answered questions. We really enjoyed talking/working with him and we highly recommend this transport company.

I also want to compliment you, Barbara and Sandy. The communication has been GREAT. You have done what you said and when you promised. It has been a pleasure working with the people at EquiSpirit if all business was run as well as yours there would not be many problems. I HIGHLY recommend EquiSpirit. This buying experience has been the best we have been involved in and this says a lot for your organization.

Bailey likes her new ride, she will walk up to the ramp stop when asked, and will walk in by herself when given the cue.

THANKS for everything
Tom S.

Hi Barbara and Pia,

I have attached a picture of Wyedale and myself with our lovely EquiSpirit Trailer. Without this trailer none of the ribbons around his neck or dangling from his bridle would have been possible!

Thank you so much!
Jayne from Arkansas


I bought my 3 horse trailer in 2001, sight unseen. My neighbor had a 2 horse bumper pull Equispirit which impressed me very much. My 18 h German wormblood stallion required certain features in a trailer. I had a 4 horse slant which had been fine for my arabs but not big enought for him. I called your company and told them what I would like to have in a trailer. Your company listened to my concerns and presented me with the 3 horse gooseneck trailer that at that time was a fairly new style being offered. It solved all my problems and concerns.

I am a senior citizen and find this trailer very easy to hook up and my 3/4 ton dodge pu pulls the unit easily. I have trailered my stallion and 2 mares together and at other times I have also taken out the dividers and hauled 2 mares and foals. Because of the way this trailer model is laid out, I am able to do this safely. I live in upstate New York and travel on country roads and interstate highways. The trailer handles beautiful and there are times I have had my daughter drive while I rode in the back with the horses because of the roads or whatever and find it is airy, light, and very comfortable. I'd rather ride back in the trailer than in my truck cab.

We travel to horseshows almost every weekend and notice the same trailers year after year. My Equispirit always looks brand new while the other makes show wear and tear and rust etc. I love my EquiSpirit and am very proud of it. I wish my truck looked half as good. Thank you for the well made and safe trailers you build. And thank you for being there every time I needed information.

Sally B, Otego, NY

From a customer who purchased a Used EquiSpirit

The EquiSpirit arrived in great shape.  It is in amazing condition.   Doesn't look like it has been used.   People who have seen it are amazed at the quality.   I did good.
My horse doesn't have a problem going in and out.   It is fun to watch him back out.   He is used to a stock trailer where he has to feel for the ground.   He isn't used to the ramp so he appears to squat waiting for his foot to drop to the ground.  I suppose someday he will exit standing up.  (PS- Two weeks later - He is getting used to the ramp - doesn't squat as much when backing out.  I just pull his tail and he backs out for me.)

Thanks for your help in getting me this EquiSpirit.   Joyce in New Mexico

I just wanted to email and tell everyone how satisfied I am with our new Safeload trailer.

As Mary Jean and Tom know,  I looked at many trailers and asked many questions before making a decision on what trailer and options to purchase.  I can honestly say that I now know after using the trailer for 2 months that I made the right decision buying the Equispirit Safeload.  I have owned many horse trailers, and now can say without hesitation that the Safeload is the best designed, the best made, and the best hauling trailer I have ever owned. 

Not only do we love the trailer, more importantly, our horses love the trailer.  One of our horses was a notorious bad loader, sometimes taking hours to load, and a very bad, nervous  hauler.  Within 2 months, he is virtually self loading, and a pleasure to haul!  I credit the open design of the trailer, excellent ventilation, and great options (the fans for example) for this turn around in his attitude.

I have attached a picture of our new truck and trailer with "Red" (she loves the trailer too!).


Mark & Martha - from Ohio

Hello All,

I wanted to express my ongoing appreciation for my 2006 EquiSpirit Trailer.  It has been a delight to use.  My horse (Nutcracker Sweet) does quite well with it.  The ventilation options are great with the hot Iowa summers we have, and it is a cinch to load and maintain.  I recommend an EquiSpirit to anyone in the market for an outstanding, functional trailer.

Thanks Again!

Iowa City, Iowa

I am a happy 3-timer EquiSpirit owner.

 It's because of the quality of the product primarily, but equally important, it's the people behind the product that make it really work.

You know, I took my young horse to a lesson on Saturday -- about 2 hours from home at a place north of Baltimore , and there were 5 trailers parked on a hill.  Three of them were EquiSpirits!  I knew I had to be in good company.

Jeanne from Maryland

Hi Debbie and Barbara,

My trailer came Sunday and I couldn't be more thrilled! Tom, the driver, spent a good deal of time with me, answering all my questions and showing me every little detail. All the 'extras' I had put on it were well worth it....I wouldn't change a thing! I have a welcome mat at the door to the dressing room and I'm ready for my first road trip!!

Thank you SO much for making my first trailer buying experience a 'painless' event! You both were so patient and helpful with all my questions, calls and emails. I couldn't have done it without you!!

North Carolina

Hello Pia,

This is a very "Belated Testimonial" (7 years late). I have a 2000, 2H, BP, straight load w/ a dressing room, EquiSpirit Horse Trailer. The occupant is rather large Draft Cross (Clydesdale) who loves his trailer which is evident by the way he walks on by himself. The trailer continues to look brand new & always pulls like a dream.

I had to write after recently having the trailer at a Goodyear Tire store for new tires, brake check, routine maintenance etc . . . When I arrived to pick up the EquiSpirit, the owner of the tire store said to me, "You have got yourself the Cadillac of horse trailers. We were underneath it for the maintenance checks and I will tell you that they spared no expense when building this trailer. You should feel very safe pulling whatever cargo you pull because this thing is so solid". This gentleman works on lots of trailers so you can imagine how good this made me feel. More important, I wanted to share this with the company that truly designs the trailer for the horse that has to ride in it. EquiSpirit, thank you for providing me years of comfortable, safe hauling.


Jacksonville, FL

As you can see the EquiSpirit is gorgeous.

Aside from all the wonderful features, everyone has commented on the color - my daughter picked the platinum and I picked the laser blue accents.

Someone was looking at it the other day and asked me how I thought it compared to another brand that we had seen at a horse expo recently. I told them I would put this trailer up against ANY other horse trailer on the market....of course I went on and on and gave them a tour.

Thank you again for all of your assistance and advice. I can't imagine any better customer service, answering questions and getting me all the written information. I recently joined US Rider so between the new trailer and the assistance program, I feel really good about trailering my horses.


Hi Mary Jean and Pia,

I just wanted to drop a quick e-mail to let you know the EquiSpirit 3 Horse trailer  arrived on Sunday as scheduled.  It's absolutely beautiful and everything we hoped that it would be. Thank You for an efficient and well organized sales and delivery process.

Ron, the driver who delivered the EquiSpirit  was great. He drove it down through a snowstorm on Saturday and stopped at a car wash before he delivered it and had it looking like it just rolled out of the factory.

Thanks again for everything and have a great holiday!

Dennis from Kentucky

Dear Barbara,

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how pleased I am with my new EquiSpirit trailer. The trailer handles so nicely and is so comfortable for our large horses.

The entire experience of purchasing the trailer, from start to finish, has been a wonderful experience. Everyone at EquiSpirit was so helpful and continued personal contact throughout the ordering, production and delivery of the trailer.

My compliments to you on such a well run company and such a quality product.

Rhonda B.

I was hauling a large 3 year old saddlebred/clyde cross yesterday. I heard a large thump in the trailer and went to investigate. Well as my luck would have it she had managed to pop both legs above and over the chest guard even though I had placed it on the higher level of adjustment. I freaked out, silently of course not wanting her to panic, but I have to say I love this trailer more and more on a daily basis. All I had to do is pull the pin and UN clip the manger and all was well in under 1 minute. I praise the safety features on this trailer and the intelligence which went into it's design. Thank you!

Debbie from Pennsylvania.

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to stop and say THANK YOU for my fabulous trailer! It trailers like a dream and is just absolutely beautiful, it matches my truck perfectly! My horse absolutely loves it and walked right in. The fan and tubular divider is just perfect in the FL heat! He is nice and comfortable not to mention the piece of mind that he is safe in your the trailer. I cannot say enough but THANK YOU for making my first horse trailer experience WONDERFUL!!

Nicole ~ your fan from FL

Dear Tom,

Wow - a custom designed trailer delivered right to our farm! We could not have asked for a better experience. We love the trailer after using it for over a year now. So many people compliment us on the model that you helped us customize, we thought you might want to know that it gets a lot of tours. It was great experience to work with you on line and by fax to get the final design. The finished product is even better than we thought it would be. The man and woman who delivered the trailer were great also. We can't remember their names, but please thank them for taking the extra time to go over the trailer and its features from head to toe with us. Finally, thanks also for sending the cleaning solution so we can keep the trailer clean.

Jamie & Noel

Hi Tom-

thought you would like to see how the trailer is working out.......see how my appy smiles? another satisfied EquiSpirit customer ;-)



Hi everyone --

My trailer was delivered Friday, and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. The basic trailer itself is great, and the options I had added made it even better. The paint matches my truck beautifully, and I'm looking forward to hauling to shows with it.

I am particularly happy with the safety features and ease of use - after all, I found EquiSpirit after spending months doing research into trailer safety following a serious trailer accident. As a veterinarian, I am also pleased with the features that make this a trailer that is healthy for the horses; the ventilation cannot be beat, and the adjustable chest and butt bars are great for my petite Arabian.

Other trailers' chest bars pressed on her trachea when she lowered her head to eat from the hay bag, and I worried about her getting caught under the butt bar if she lost her balance; even more frightening, I worried about not being able to easily get her out if we had such a problem. That won't be an issue in this trailer!

Delivery was easy and efficient; the driver answered my questions, even though most of them were pretty basic :) When we noticed a very minor problem, he was so concerned he pulled out his cell phone and called for help, which resolved the problem immediately. It was great. Ordering was also easy; Joe and Sandy e-mailed me multiple times to answer my questions, and we spoke on the phone a time or two to hash out last minute things -- no problems.

Thanks for putting together such a great product!

Susan W., DVM

From a person who had to sell their gooseneck EquiSpirit and are going to purchase
a smaller tag along EquiSpirit

Just wanted to drop you a note to ask you to remove my 2004 GN from your web site, I have a deposit from someone in Iowa. I am amazed at the interest this trailer drew, must have had 20 inquiries and had 2 people that wanted it badly, went to the first to send a deposit and also the closest to Michigan.

Thanks so much for your help in this sale, I continue to tell everyone what a wonderful trailer you make and what a great company it is to do business with. You will be hearing from me again with a new order after I have sold my BIG Featherlite GN

Thanks Again
E - from Michigan

I have had a great experience with equispirit. We used our trailer for the first time last night, and it was easy to hook-up. As this is our first trailer, our entire experience has been fabulous. It has been easy to find all the equipment that we have needed, work with the trailer, and our next adventure is to load the horse. I just really appreciate all of the articles and making this scary process more comfortable.

Thanks again,
Carrie A.


Just wanted to let you know we received our trailer from Duane today shortly after noon our time. Duane was great, very helpful, and had it shining like it had just left the factory. I cannot express to you how utterly delighted I am with the quality and appearance of my new EquiSpirit. Everything is as promised or better and I couldn't believe how easy it was to familiarize myself with its use and even load my horse completely independently. The hydraulic ramp is a Godsend, and all the latches are so secure and easy to operate! All my extras and custom items are awesome! My girls have already been having a hoot in the dressing room & gooseneck. Trigger hopped right in and looked happy as could be!

My husband, not being a horseperson himself, was quite trusting of me to allow me to do all research for this purchase, and then buy a trailer sight unseen, but I could tell he was very impressed. I thank you for delivering everything we were hoping for and more. We cannot wait to haul Trigger & our 5 year old Emma out to their first show on Saturday! My only concern about my purchase is that everyone is going to see my beautiful trailer & want one for themselves : ) Thanks again so very much!

Charlene E.
New Owner of the Coolest Trailer in Gig Harbor, WA

Hi Barbara,

Jene delivered my new EquiSpirit trailer 7pm this evening. It's perfect and just what I wanted! The color match with my truck was beautiful, and the accessories should work great (thanks, Barbara!). I got the temp tag and info in the mail. Jene answered our questions about parts of the trailer and helped us hook it up (no problems with our wiring).

We're loading it up and taking it out this weekend. Thanks again for ensuring it got here on time!


The trailer is here! It is gorgeous. It exceeds my expectations. Looking at pictures doesn't do it justice. It is so well made, light and airy inside, with plenty of room in the both the stalls and the tack room. The attention to detail is amazing - the rubber stops for all the doors, the latches on the back doors, the lightness and ease of use of the ramp, the storage box in the tack room (that looks like a piece of fine furniture). I can't wait to use it. I'll get pictures this weekend and send to you.

The gentleman who delivered the trailer was terrific. He called me several times to let me know where he was, showed up when he was supposed to, and was so polite and helpful. He gave me several tips on both the trailer and my truck, based on his own years of experience in trailering. He was very upset that he couldn't stop and wash the trailer before he delivered it (we are in the middle of a bad drought, and most of the car washes around here are closed or on restriction). I told him not to worry about it, that it was cleaner than the truck! He said he hates delivering a new trailer that's not clean. Hang onto that delivery company - they are a great advertisement and public relations representative for you.

I have to tell you that this is the most pleasant experience I have ever had in purchasing anything. You, the folks at EquiSpirit, and the delivery company have combined to make this enjoyable. I feel like I haven't just bought a trailer, but made some new friends.

Thank you.

I'll send you pictures, and give you an update after I've used the trailer.

Dona H.

Note: This was custom built with the Height of the Gooseneck shortened to accommodate a very high pick-up truck.

The adjustment to the Gooseneck came out just right. We are very, very happy with the final Results. Thank you for all of your help. Dealing with EquiSpirit was a Very pleasant and professional experience from initial contact to final Delivery. We appreciate everything.


I LOVE MY EquiSpirit TRAILER! And so does anyone who has gotten the $.50 tour. I wish I had bought it a long time ago. I have used it several times. The horses load so easily. Everything is so convenient, I love all the windows, the hay bags, all the padding...the tailgate is awesome. It pulls like a charm. We did have a time with the electric brakes at first, but when all else fails read the instructions, and we figured out how to adjust them.

I think of all the major purchases I have done in my life, I was the most happy with this one!


Hi Barbara,

Brian delivered my trailer tonight. What a nice guy - very helpful and professional. Even though it was after 11pm (don't worry, I encouraged him to drop it off that late if he wanted to :-) ), he was happy to step through everything with me.

I just wanted to write and say WOW!!!!!!!!! I LOVE my new trailer. It's much nicer than I expected and I had high expectations :-)! Thank you for building such an incredible product and for your great customer service. It has been delightful working with you.

I can't wait to get back from vacation and haul Austin around to show all my friends what a great trailer EquiSpirit builds :-). It's the best-built trailer I have ever seen - KUDOS!

Have a wonderful holiday and THANK YOU!!


Thank you Pia! I am thrilled to be buying this trailer. I have always drooled over the Equispirits at the Horse World Expo, and feel they are pretty much the best horse trailer available. Now, I have one, even if it is older! I will have so much peace of mind about hauling my horses now.

Rachel G.

We hauled an hour and a half this weekend and it was just fabulous. Our debut outing was at the Arkansas Horse Council's Expo and we did get some positive attention.
One pilot for Walmart corporate headquarters was especially interested, and she said this is the trailer that her mom needs to buy. I guess they are both into horses. My vet saw it and he thought it was terrific.

With the weight distribution bars it towed like a dream, even through the rain. One of the horses had never been in a trailer like it before and kept trying to back out as soon as he got in, but the quick safety catch on the butt bar held him. I just can't say enough good things about it, from all the help you guys gave me as I researched and ordered to the final product. Thanks for a terrific job! Sign me one happy customer!


Hello Barbara;

Just wanted to let you know the trailer arrived today and it is just fabulous. It's everything I wanted. The craftmanship is so good all the way around. I have never been so pleased. Don't say this to anyone but what a difference from the Gore. You didn't forget a thing and the way it operates is so logical and convenient.

Is there any way I can be a representative in this area for the EquiSpirit's? I sure would like to do that if possible. Let me know if you will.

Thank You So much

Kathy S.

Thanks for your reply. I will just pick up a trailer aid around here. I am very excited to use my trailer - it is beautiful!! Thank you for all of your excellent customer service and very friendly help, and of course, for making such a wonderful trailer with so many years
worth of research and improvements
I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! It hauls great behind my Jimmy (I have a big engine, tow package, and Drawtite stabilizer bars).

It arrived at 1-ish on Saturday. Very nice man delivered and gave us instructions. We (The woman who purchased it with me and me.) had studied instructions from the company who provided our hitch and stabilizer bars and information provided by you, plus published articles on towing horse trailers.

The following day, Sunday, we backed up to the trailer (beginners luck, I think - since we got it right the 1st time) hooked everything up, checked all lights, and drove to the nearest high school parking lot to practice and set the brakes. No problems what-so-ever. So, we went back to the barn to pick up my friend's horse and took him to another barn about 20 miles away, unloaded, rode, reloaded, drove back to the 1st barn, unloaded, backed trailer in between tow other trailers, disengaged and went home smiling from ear to ear.

I am so pleased with this trailer. My friend was going by my descriptions and the little black and white pictures I had in the brochure. She is extremely impressed with the value. Several other trailer owning friends at our barn couldn't believe all the extras that are standard on this trailer.

I also want to thank you for expediting the delivery. Believe me, it will be worth it to you, with all the referrals I will be sending your way. Send me a few of your business cards and brochures and I will be happy to recommend you and your company.

Thank you again!

Nancy P.

We love it! It is better than we expected. Quality throughout!

We definitely bought the best!

Jim R.

Hi Everyone!

I can't believe how amazing my new EquiSpirit is. It is the most beautiful trailer I have ever seen.

I am having so much fun with my trailer and have been hauling to different San Diego trails on the weekends.

My horse loads so easy and is so comfortable in my EquiStpirit. I can barely get out of the way fast enough as she walks right in to her spot.

I just wanted to thank you all for providing such a great product and giving me such wonderful service. I will be sure to send any potential trailer owners I meet, your way. Your trailers speak for themselves. I feel very lucky for sure

Kate from San Diego

(Extremely satisfied customer who bought a used EquiSpirit Trailer.)

Just want to drop you and everyone in the EquiSpirit organization a line, to let you know I could not be happier with my decision to purchase an EquiSpirit Trailer. This weekend was the first time I worked out of the trailer at a show and things could not have been better. I especially want to thank you for the temporary tags and the new wheel cover. Providing both the tags for my trip home from Debra's and sending me the wheel cover was definitely customer service above and beyond. Just proving you live up to your word.

I love having the official EquiSpirit wheel cover - it makes the trailer look picture perfect. Just to pile on - my mechanic told me when he first saw the trailer it looked so new, he figured it had hardly been used. But after he got into the works, he knew the trailer had not just been sitting around. To me that speaks a lot about not just how well Debra maintained the trailer, but about the quality of the design and construction of the vehicle. (Of course those are things you already know.)

Again than you so much for hooking me up with Debra and ALL of your assistance.

I do not want to sound too sappy - but it is the total truth - I am sold on EquiSpirit Trailers and I am telling everybody I know.

Thank you,

Dana N.

Dear Mr. Scheve,

Just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your helpfulness in the purchasing of my trailer. Though I know your business is selling trailers - you truly show your concern for the individual.

Though it was a bit concerning ordering a trailer I'd never seen - I couldn't be more thrilled with what I received. It more than met my expectations.

Thanks again,

Anne W.
(A happy customer from Tennessee.)

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