If Safety Is Your #1 Concern...

you'll Choose EquiSpirit! Other horse trailer companies may talk about safety, but EquiSpirit Trailer Company delivers from start to finish.

In 1983, company founders Neva and Tom Scheve decided that many improvements needed to be made in the design and construction of horse trailers, and they set out to make them. As a long time horsewoman, Neva realized that transport could be stressful for the horse and dangerous for the owner.

Safety doesn't only mean safe construction, but also includes a design that creates a healthy and stress free environment for the horse, while protecting the human partner as well.

For almost 30 years, the Scheves have dedicated themselves to promoting horse trailer safety for the benefit of all horses and the owners who love them. The EquiSpirit Horse Trailer is the result.

Neva writes national articles on horse trailer safety, does nationwide safety clinics, and has written three books on horse trailer safety, including The Complete Guide To Buying, Maintaining, and Servicing A Horse Trailer.

"It doesn't stop there," says Tom Scheve, husband . "The unique staff at EquiSpirit assists customers directly, taking them through the entire process of safe towing. We love our horses; we suspect that you love yours too." Tom also writes national horse trailer safety articles, assists with trailer safety clinics and is owner and designer, along with Neva, of EquiSpirit trailers.

EquiSpirit's Satisfaction Guarantee

"If you're not happy - We're not happy"

EquiSpirit gives you a simple, no questions asked, guarantee: If your trailer doesn’t match your order details, we will correct the changes at no additional cost to you.

EquiSpirit's LifeTime Support

"When you invest into an EquiSpirit; EquiSpirit invests in you"

When you buy an EquiSpirit horse trailer, you are buying it directly from the company, not from a dealer. Buying a horse trailer direct from the company instead of indirectly through a horse trailer dealer (middleman), makes a huge difference when it comes to customer commitment. Since horse trailer dealers indirectly represent the lines they carry, not only do their selling motives vary, their interests in making sure you're safe and happy with a particular line are not often a priority during and after the sale.

We've eliminated the middleman (dealers)

All EquiSpirit's sales, warranty, and after-the-sale service is done directly by the EquiSpirit company Horse Trailer companies may come and go over time, but we'll always be here. Being happy with your EquiSpirit horse trailer is imperative to our wellbeing as well as yours.

EquiSpirit's Bonded Trailer Delivery System

If a driver has an accident delivering your new horse trailer, are you liable? It's possible, if the dealer you buy from is not knowledgeable about insurance regulations. Our delivery specialists are bonded and insured for your protection. They are also trained to introduce you to your new trailer, and will spend the time needed to answer all your questions. Learn more about our Long Distance Delivery Experts.

EquiSpirit's No Hassle Price

EquiSpirit's advertised price is the real price. There is no "call for pricing" and no need to waste your time shopping the country for the best deal. EquiSpirit's pricing is listed on our web site and in our brochures for your convenience. One shop pricing protects your future equity value, and gives you peace of mind, knowing you got the best deal. Click on the links below to calculate each model with options.

Here's What Our Customers Have to Say

We always appreciate hearing from our customers. And it is reassuring to receive so many compliments. Below are just a few correspondence from satisfied customers of EquiSpirit.

Many people have allergies. Being able to avoid horse sweat from tack or seeds etc. from hay is a blessing for me. I also can feed directly from the trailer without having to drag other stuff out first or even move hay out of the trailer. Lots of hooks are important in the tack and feed areas. I hang ropes, buckets, bags of horse boots, in the feed area, bridles, whips, lead ropes, in tack area. I could fit two large bales in feed area. A strong man could stack four.

My dressing/sleep area is big enough for several plastic drawer cabinets for my cooking equipment, medical supplies and gloves, hats, etc. Also additional stepstool and portapotty. I store my camp chairs in there while on the road. In a total downpour there would still be enough room for two people to sit on the storage bench even with the cabinets, although not extremely comfortable. I love the many windows.

I had a great week of wilderness horse camping. My special design works perfectly. Friends were impressed. I slept well, and it was easy to load and unload stuff from the various sections.

– Carol Storke

Good morning Tom,

I wanted to send you a picture of "CACHE" and that beautiful trailer. He loves it and so do I!

Thank you so much,

Deb Hayley

Wanted to thank everyone for all of their kind assistance I received in designing my one horse trailer with living quarters. When it was delivered to my home, I was really surprised at what a beautiful job you folks did on it. It was much nicer than I anticipated. I got to use it for the first time and it is great for camping. Really worked out GREAT!

Also, the gentleman that delivered it to California was really nice. He delivered the trailer right to my home and showed me everything about the trailer before leaving. It tows really great behind my F150 pickup, I don't even know it is there. My horse rides great and unloads like a dream. She did not like backing out of my slant load and would turn around in the trailer to unload. With the ramp she backs out and stops on the ramp to see where she is.

Again, I want to say thank you for all of your time and patience you had in answering all of my questions.

– Joyce Maire

Hi Barbara,

I really like the new EquiSpirit tag a long trailer.  It will give me plenty of room for the horses that I may have to haul. I like it even better than the 3 horse that we had. My friends that have seen it really like it too. Some have remarked about how low that ramp is and how light it is. All good things.  It should be easy to teach a new horse to load. Love the color and the door latches. Have not had it hooked up yet but I plan to next week for sure.  I am taking it and the vehicle to a "hitch place" that is really good so that I know it will be hooked up correctly. I am able to keep it inside also so it should be easier to keep clean and looking nice.

– Karen from Ohio

Hello EquiSpirit -

I bought a white with purple accent EquiBreeze trailer in January and I'm loving it. I know it's silly, but I love the way the trailer looks with the purple metallic accents. But more importantly, my horse Bella has decided that she likes the trailer as well as she is loading well. While I don't want to humanize horses, I believe she is more comfortable with the roominess of this trailer than with my previous trailer. EquiBreeze trailer - customer testimonial

I don't believe we could have learned to trailer as easily on my old trailer because there was a tack room in the way, no escape door and the pins and slant dividers were a harder to use with my previous trailer.

My EquiBreeze has really user friendly butt bar locks, lots of room, easy to drive, and feels easier to clean...just overall easy to use.

Bella has tested some of the safety features out too and they are great features. Thanks for the trailer, I have enjoyed it so far!

– Jennifer in SC

I just love my new EquiSpirit trailer!

Hi Tom,

Sorry I hadn't e-mailed earlier, we are in the middle of cutting our hay.

I wanted to write a short note to tell you how much I just love this trailer. Every single detail is just amazing and so thought out for both horse and person. The welding puddles are a work of art. The handles, door holders, hinges, pins work and are the best quality so will remain working. I so appreciate this. That small metal molding strip along the floor separating the floor mats from the wall makes cleaning a pleasure. No more stuck "stuff" in cracks.

Love the tail lights. That extra brake light on the side fenders that goes on when applying the brakes alleviates the worrisome question "are my brake lights really working?" The "no lip" when entering the tack room is another added plus. No more tripping. An a silly little thing like the small "made in America" tag on the hay bag seems to say it all. I am proud to be the owner of this handsome EquiSpirit trailer. And a Thank you to Chris Cox for a safe delivery.

Thank you,

My horses and I love my new EquiSpirit 3-horse Safe-Load. It's easy to haul around and theEquiSpirit 3-horse Safe-Load horses are very comfortable. It's a great looking trailer, people always comment on how nice it is.

Thank you for great advise and customer service!

– Gundi from CA

We love the design of our two-horse straight load bumper pull trailerHi Barbara,

Here are a couple photos of my husband, Ron and I with our horses (Rusty and Wyatt) next to our new EquiSpirit trailer.

We love the design of our two-horse straight load bumper pull trailer and all the optional features we were able to choose for our needs. The design lends itself to easy and safe loading and unloading of the horses.

The trailer is easy to hitch and pull with my F-150 truck. Everyone at EquiSpirit was very helpful throughout the processing of our order and construction of the trailer.

Thank you for the attention to detail in constructing a trailer that is comfortable and safe for my horses. We hope to use it for many miles of trailriding in Texas!

Betsy in Texas

Hi guys!

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my new trailer!! It arrived right on time and Neal was great! We've already been to a horse show in it and it actually tows better than my old one! It seems like it's more in sync with my truck. 

I haven't put the big horse on yet, but I know he's going to love the space. I think the pony felt like he was in a castle!

Thanks again for all your help and for making a great trailer!
– Dana S.

Hi Barbara,

Love the EquiBreeze trailer! Thanks for all your help. Neil, the delivery guy, was super nice, very helpful, and showed up right on time.

I will let you know how my first road trip goes Thanksgiving weekend.

– Laura from Mississippi

Well, we have had the trailer for 2 months and have really enjoyed it. The construction/quality is better than anticipated, it pulls great, looks first class, and we have received many compliments. When we ordered the trailer we were promised delivery by March 10 since we had a show and needed it by the 14th. It was here on the 10th.

EquiSpirit - The construction/quality is better than anticipatedThe driver, who delivered the trailer, called several times once he left the factory to keep us informed. When he arrived in town he called to confirm the time and to inform us that he was able to wash the trailer (weather was an issue). He went over everything in detail, was very knowledgeable and answered questions. We really enjoyed talking/working with him and we highly recommend this transport company.

I also want to compliment you, Barbara and Sandy. The communication has been GREAT. You have done what you said and when you promised. It has been a pleasure working with the people at EquiSpirit if all business was run as well as yours there would not be many problems. I HIGHLY recommend EquiSpirit. This buying experience has been the best we have been involved in and this says a lot for your organization.

Bailey likes her new ride, she will walk up to the ramp stop when asked, and will walk in by herself when given the cue.

THANKS for everything,
Tom S.

Without this trailer none of his ribbons would have been possible! Hi Barbara and Pia,

I have attached a picture of Wyedale and myself with our lovely EquiSpirit Trailer. Without this trailer none of the ribbons around his neck or dangling from his bridle would have been possible!

Thank you so much!
Jayne from Arkansas

I bought my 3 horse trailer in 2001, sight unseen. My neighbor had a 2 horse bumper pull EquiSpirit which impressed me very much. My 18 h German wormblood stallion required certain features in a trailer. I had a 4 horse slant which had been fine for my arabs but not big enough for him. I called your company and told them what I would like to have in a trailer. Your company listened to my concerns and presented me with the 3 horse gooseneck trailer that at that time was a fairly new style being offered. It solved all my problems and concerns.

I am a senior citizen and find this trailer very easy to hook up and my 3/4 ton dodge pu pulls the unit easily. I have trailered my stallion and 2 mares together and at other times I have also taken out the dividers and hauled 2 mares and foals. Because of the way this trailer model is laid out, I am able to do this safely. I live in upstate New York and travel on country roads and interstate highways. The trailer handles beautiful and there are times I have had my daughter drive while I rode in the back with the horses because of the roads or whatever and find it is airy, light, and very comfortable. I'd rather ride back in the trailer than in my truck cab.

We travel to horse shows almost every weekend and notice the same trailers year after year. My EquiSpirit always looks brand new while the other makes show wear and tear and rust etc. I love my EquiSpirit and am very proud of it. I wish my truck looked half as good. Thank you for the well made and safe trailers you build. And thank you for being there every time I needed information.

– Sally B, Otego, NY

(From a customer who purchased a Used EquiSpirit)

The EquiSpirit arrived in great shape. It is in amazing condition. Doesn't look like it has been used. People who have seen it are amazed at the quality. I did good.

My horse doesn't have a problem going in and out. It is fun to watch him back out. He is used to a stock trailer where he has to feel for the ground. He isn't used to the ramp so he appears to squat waiting for his foot to drop to the ground. I suppose someday he will exit standing up. (PS- Two weeks later - He is getting used to the ramp - doesn't squat as much when backing out. I just pull his tail and he backs out for me.)

Thanks for your help in getting me this EquiSpirit.
– Joyce in New Mexico

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