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My horse is my bestfriend


You are unique.

Where others have chosen many, you have chosen one.

Your horse is your best friend; your confidant.

The one who understands you.

The one who can set you free.

“The one horse owner has special wants and special needs,” says Tom Scheve, co-designer with wife Neva, an author of three books on horse trailer safety.

Some people only have one horse, only want one horse, and may never have more than one horse. So why lug around an unusable extra stall? With the desire for smaller vehicles, the fluctuating price of gas, and environmental concerns, the one horse trailer makes perfect sense.

“With our new "2 Minus 1" horse trailer design,” says Neva, it’s now possible to haul your one horse in a safe, comfortable trailer and have plenty of space for a dressing room and tack/feed storage. By utilizing the side space for storage and One Horse Gooseneck Trailer dressing area, a camper package or more elaborate living quarters is easily added without being longer than a standard two horse trailer with a dressing room. Add a gooseneck and you have a place to sleep in a trailer only 17-1/2 feet long.”

We replaced long and narrow with wide and short.

1 horse bumper pull floorplan

“The old style one horse trailers never caught on because they were long and narrow, and uninviting to horses,” says Tom Scheve. “The SoleMate 2 Minus 1 horse trailers the width and length of a standard two horse non-dressing room. We redesigned the 2nd stall into a three in one package: a roomy, well ventilated, light and airy stall for your horse, and two lockable, separate compartments with all the safety features available on our EquiSpirit trailers.”

3 in 1 Personal Equine Transport System

  • Roomy horse stall with plenty of length, lots of windows for ventilation, and the SureSafe rear loading system
  • Easy access, lighted, lockable rear storage  compartment for hay and grain.
  • A side lockable personal dressing room to store extra items or just hang out.
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The SoleMate Trailer pricing starts at $25,000.
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