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EquiSpirit has always been a work in progress, striving to be the safest possible horse trailer on the road. Because our trailers are a work in progress, so are our videos. These videos, which will give you a first-hand look at all aspects of the EquiSpirit and EquiBreeze lines, will also be changing, and added to, as we continue to improve our lines. So if you’re not quite ready to purchase now, visit our videos frequently to see how we continue to lead the way in horse trailer safety.

EquiSpirit Horse Trailer Safety Features

EquiSpirit's Signature One Horse Trailers

SoleMate 2 Minus 1 Horse Trailer with Dressing Room and Tack
SoleMate 2 Minus 1 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer

The Brio - 2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer with Dressing Room



The EquiSpirit Breeze – OpenAir 2 Horse Custom Trailer

Think Safety ~ Think EquiSpirit

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Living Quarters
With an EquiSpirit horse trailer with living quarters you can have all the comforts of home in your trailer. If you travel regularly with your horses why not have all the conveniences right inside your trailer.
Towing Safety
Judy pulled in with her 2-horse tagalong trailer. I glanced at her hitch - saw she wasn't using weight-distribution bars. I said, "Do you know you're pulling 5000 lbs with a 2500 lb hitch?" 
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The EquiSpirit Horse Trailers offers the finest in quality and safety. Equipped with standard features that are optional on other brands.
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