Introducing the TowALERT® System

Distracted driving is cited as a cause in 87% of all rear-end accidents.
TowALERT SystemTowALERT® was specifically designed to capture and hold the attention of distracted drivers. Our innovative product protects your customers, their trailer, and the valuable cargo they haul by regulating an element of the equation previously beyond their control: the distracted driver who is following them.

EquiSpirit co-owner Tom Scheve says, "TowALERT has added a significant level of safety to protecting our customers and their precious cargo from rear impact so we are eager to evaluate the product. The feedback we have received from real-life traffic conditions combined with the positive comments from customers is why we now offer it as an additional feature on every EquiSpirit model in our lineup. Rear-end collisions affect more than just those who are immediately involved; it puts others on the road in danger as well.

TowALERT deceleration light



  • Reduce Costly Collisions
  • Motion Sensing Technology
  • Works Independent of the Vehicle's Braking System
  • Four Ultra-High Power LEDs
  • Fully Sealed Weather-Proof
  • Patented Technology
  • Five Year Warranty

The TowALERT® deceleration light is a motion sensing LED warning lamp that operates independently from the vehicle’s braking system. TowALERT® continuously monitors velocity and will activate when a reduction in forward velocity occurs.

TowALERT® will help to protect your valuable cargo from “TEXTING” drivers or other distracted drivers that are so commonly found on the roadways we share. The TowALERT® turns any trailer into a SMART trailer, automatically protecting you from mishaps.

TowALERT® is commercial grade to provide years of protection in the harshest environments.

Manufactured in the USA – Backed by a 5-year Warranty
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Shipping included within the Continental US

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