Benefits of a One Horse Trailer

SoleMate One Horse Bumper Pull Trailer
I only have one horse now, but what if I get another horse in the future?

If you are thinking of getting another horse in the near future, then you should definitely get a two horse trailer, but if another horse is not an option ever, or at least a long time from now, a one horse trailer may be a good choice for you.

What if I want to take a friend?

Many people think they want the extra stall space so they can take a friend’s horse. On the surface this seems like a good idea, but many friendships have been ruined from problems that can arise. What if your friend’s horse is hurt in your trailer, or even killed in a trailer accident? What if your friend’s horse damages your trailer? Who will pay for vet bills or damage repair?

You want to go to a show together? What if your friend has an 8:00 AM class and you don’t have to be in the ring until 3:00PM, or vice versa? What if you have an early clinic slot, but your friend’s horse decides he isn’t going to load on your trailer? You can probably think of a dozen more similar scenarios.

Do you really want to spend the extra money for taking a horse that you don’t even own? If, for instance, you were looking at an EquiSpirit two horse trailer with a dressing room, it will cost you about $2300 more than a one horse with a dressing room. Why not just give the $2300 to your friend so she can put it toward her own trailer and leave you without the aggravation?

SoleMate One Horse Bumper Pull Trailer
What will the resale value of a one horse trailer be?

Historically, a one horse trailer would generally not hold it’s value as well as a two horse trailer, but that is an old way of thinking. Times have changed. With gas prices constantly on the rise, and more people wanting to tow their horse trailer with less than a full sized truck, a one horse trailer is much lighter than a two horse, mainly because the weight of the second horse will never be a factor in the weight of the trailer and you don’t have to sacrifice a dressing room/tack area.

Gas prices will not be going down in the foreseeable future and getting better gas mileage is not only an advantage to the pocketbook, but also the environment. We have seen with our own EquiSpirit customers that more and more people are starting to see the advantage of having a one horse trailer, so it only makes sense that the resale value will remain high.

This horse trailer safety article is provided by EquiSpirit Horse Trailers.
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