Rumber Flooring

What You Need to Know

We offer Rumber flooring as an option, but we don’t recommend it.

Rumber FlooringRumber, used in the floor of horse trailers, is widely misunderstood by many who are selling it and using it. Because it is manufactured from recycled tires and plastic, many believe that it can effectively eliminate the use of rubber mats. But in fact, Rumber boards are very hard and give no relief to horses’ legs when traveling.

It is made into 2x6” boards the same as a 2x6” pine board and has a textured surface, which may reduce some slippage, but if aggressively pawed, becomes very smooth. Because of its hardness, the smooth board(s) becomes very slippery. The boards are also flexible rather than rigid, so more cross bracing is needed under the floor to reduce the “sag” between the bracing caused by the horse’ weight as they walk or stand on it. Being black, Rumber also tends to absorb heat whereas a standard floor using #1 grade pressure treated pine "breathes" well, which helps improve the interior environment.

Another consideration is that it’s not readily available if you have to replace a board. Only one company manufactures it, which is located in Texas. Pressure treated pine is available anywhere lumber is sold. If down the road, the manufacturer goes out of business or quits manufacturing it, replacements would not be available.


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