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BUMPER PULL HITCHES - Frame mounted hitches have weight ratings.Tow vehicles have towing capacities. They are not related. Not identifying hitch ratings may cause your hitch to fail. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Ball Mount and BallThere are two ratings on all frame mounted hitches: weight carrying and weight distribution.
  • Weight Carrying Ratings apply when using a ball and ball mount. It states the tow rating and tongue rating.
  • Weight Distribution ratings apply when using a Weight Distribution System (often mistakenly called sway bars). It states the tow rating and the tongue rating.
  • Attach the breakaway brake cord to the frame mounted hitch – never attach to the ball or safety chains.
  • The ratings are listed on a sticker located on the hitch.
  • A tow vehicle rated to tow 8000 lbs. May likely have a 5000 lb. Weight Carrying Hitch. Use a Weight Distribution System and the rating will most likely be 10000 lbs.
  • A loaded two horse dressing room bumper may weigh up to 6500 lbs. – 1500 lbs. over the Weight Carrying Rating. The hitch will eventually fail. Options: replace the hitch or use a Weight Distribution System.
  • Weight Distribution
  • A weight distribution system does not reduce sway. The primary purpose is to lighten/distribute the tongue weight to eliminate the front of the tow vehicle from raising. The longer and heavier the tow vehicle the less likely this will happen. Using a weight distribution system increases the hitch rating.
  • Never use a ball mounted on a bumper.
  • Always attach safety chains to frame mounted hitch. Cross them.
  • All hitches have break-away brake system operated by a battery. Keep battery charged. Attach break-away cord to hitch, not to ball mount.
  • Trailer Must Be Level
  • Raise jack and/or remove jack foot before towing.
  • Ensure ball mount and/or weight distribution system is secured by a pin inserted into the hitch.
  • Check ball mount nut that fastens ball to ball mount.
  • The trailer has to be level. If not, change Weight Carrying hitch or adjust Weight Distribution ball mount or adjust coupler, if adjustable.
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