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BUMPER PULL VS GOOSENECK - Two horse bumper pulls and two horse gooseneck trailers are equally safe when hitched properly. Both have advantages and disadvantages. For more than 2 horses, always choose a gooseneck. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Tongue weight should never exceed the capacity of your tow vehicle and hitch. (To learn more about tongue weight, see Trailer Terms You Should Know.
  • A bumper pull trailer is hitched behind the axles of the tow vehicle to a ball attached to a frame mounted hitch bolted to the underside of the tow vehicle. A gooseneck is hitched over the truck axle to a hitch which is installed in the bed, directly above, or slightly in front of the rear truck axle. In a sense, the gooseneck trailer, when hitched, is supported by a 3rd axle - the truck axle. 20 to 25% of the gooseneck trailer is resting on the truck axle.
  • Tounge weight of a bumper pullThe tongue weight of a bumper pull can push the rear of a tow vehicle downward causing the front of the tow vehicle to raise. This reduces tow vehicle control and causes bouncing from front to back. If the tow vehicle has the right towing capacity, wheelbase length and curb weight to tow the trailer safely, the "teeter-totter" effect can be corrected with a weight distribution system, often mistakenly called sway bars.
  • Placed in the truck bed over the axleA correctly rated truck can handle more tongue weight when it's placed in the truck bed over the axle. Heavier tongue weight supported by the truck axle eliminates sway and creates good tracking.
  • Both 2 horse gooseneck and bumper pull trailers are safe when hitched correctly to the right tow vehicle.
  • A two horse bumper pull and gooseneck in the same brand will have the same space for horses and tack except for the space in the gooseneck and how they are hitched to the tow vehicle.
  • GN ADVANTAGE: Has space in the gooseneck for extra storage or for sleeping.
  • GN ADVANTAGE: A gooseneck/truck combination may have a shorter overall length than a truck/SUV hooked to a standard bumper pull with dressing room since about 6' of the gooseneck overlaps the truck bed. 21-1/2' gooseneck minus 6' equals 15-1/2' behind your truck. A standard bumper pull with dressing room is 17-1/2'.
  • BP ADVANTAGE: Can be towed by an SUV or a truck. A gooseneck can only be towed by a truck. If your tow vehicle breaks down, there are more tow vehicles available to tow your trailer in an emergency.
  • BP ADVANTAGE: Is shorter if storage space is a problem.
  • BP ADVANTAGE: A bumper pull will cost up to $2,500 less.
  • BP ADVANTAGE: A bumper pull will follow the path of your tow vehicle more closely. A gooseneck will cut corners more severely.
  • BP ADVANTAGE: The tongue weight is lighter, therefore easier to crank up and down.
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