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PRICE VS. VALUE - A horse trailer is not an expenditure; it is an investment. It has both monetary value and intrinsic value. Buying a horse trailer based on price alone is a costly mistake. Here is what you need to know:

    The monetary value (price) of a horse trailer is the difference between what you pay for it and what you get back for it when you sell or trade it minus service and repairs.
    The intrinsic value of a horse trailer is in the reduction or elimination of injuries and stress that are a direct result of the design, construction, and amount of built-in safety features.


  • The market’s perception, trust, and popularity of the brand increase its equity/resale value.
  • Trailer dealers rarely sell at the suggested retail price if there are competing dealers offering the same brand. Used trailer prices are often negotiable. Age of a used trailer and the condition of tires, brakes, bearings, wheels, floor, and overall construction affects its value.
  • The greater the demand, the higher the price.
  • Low prices often mean that trailers are missing needed features that are often optional, or are missing quality in construction.
  • The credibility and stability of the dealership and manufacturer will save you expenses when after- the-sale warranty is needed.
  • Appealing, “looks” enhances the value of a trailer.
  • Popular models/designs appeal to a greater market and will maintain its future equity/resale value over uncommon designs.
  • Availability of future parts, or lack of, will affect the trailer’s price.
  • Construction materials that are difficult to repair or expensive to replace will reduce the value of the trailer.


  • The wrong trailer is no deal at any price.

  • The quality of construction will take less maintenance, reduce downtime for service and extend the life of the trailer.
  • Ramps

  • The amount of increased trust you have in the safety of your trailer directly raises your comfort level and your peace of mind when towing it.
  • Needless accidents or injuries resulting from poorly designed trailers spoils outings and increases stress.
  • The possibility of costly vet bills, doctor bills, towing charges decline with a well-designed, safety-constructed trailer.
  • Confidently operating a trailer by yourself increases your ability to travel to more events and outings.
  • Quality continues to satisfy long after price is forgotten.


EquiSpirit’s guiding principle is to always operate in the overall interest and well-being of horses – a principle both understood and valued by every Equispirit owner. And it’s the reason that for the better part of 30 years, Equispirit trailers have been the most sought-after horse trailers on the market.

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