XL & XXL Options For Large Horses

Most trailer manufacturers now offer a "warmblood" model in their lineup. Our company first offered a trailer specifically for really large horses in 1988 (EquiSport) and it seems as though many companies have followed suit. However, most manufacturers are still unsure of what they are offering and why, except that they know a warmblood trailer needs to be larger. Quite often, they just make it bigger and taller, (not necessarily stronger) then move some things around, and add a significant amount to the price. EquiSpirit makes it simple by offering you 2 “large horse” optional packages available on our standard trailer that provides all the necessary upgrades and sizes to the standard trailer to fit and carry your horses safely. Please look at our XL (extra-large) and our XXL (double extra large) options.

XL Option
If your horse is 16.3 to 17.3 hands and not necessarily extra wide, you should consider the XL. The XL option adds 2" to the interior height (7’8”) and adds 1’ to the stall length (11’ stall). The XL option adds approximately 250 lbs. to weight of trailer. This option may also be considered if your horse is a bit shorter than 16.3, but is longer than average.

Add $1,295 to the trailer price for the XL Option.

XXL Option
If your horse is 17.3 to 18.3 hands, you should consider the XXL. The XXL option adds 2” to the interior height (7’8”), adds 1’ to the stall length (11’ stall), and 8” to the interior width (80” with no wheel wells in the interior stalls. The XXL option adds approximately 450 lbs. to weight of trailer. For draft horses 19 hands and over, EquiSpirit adds more structure (floor supports), interior height (8’), and length (12’).

Add $2,195 to the trailer price for the XXL option.

All EquiSpirit SoleMate 2 Minus 1 Horse trailer models already have the extra width in its standard design (4’ wide stall) so the XXL option is included when ordering the XL. Since the extra width is factored into the published weight of the SoleMate, the increased weight adds only 250 lbs.
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