SoleMate - The Perfect 1 Horse Trailer

SoleMate 2 Minus 1 Horse Trailer Benefits

3 in 1 Personal Equine Transport System
  • Roomy horse stall with plenty of length, lots of windows for ventilation, and the SureSafe rear loading system
  • Easy access, lighted, lockable rear storage  compartment for hay and grain.
  • A side lockable personal dressing room to store extra items or just hang out.

REDUCE GAS CONSUMPTION: You can now haul your one horse safely with a more gas efficient, SUV that can also work as your every day vehicle. The SoleMate 2 Minus 1 horse trailer is one horse lighter by default. Fully loaded, the SoleMate standard one horse trailer model will weigh between 4000 to 4500 lbs., even with a 1500 lbs horse!

  • REDUCE HAULING RISKS:  Eliminate the worry and liability of having to haul someone else’s horse.  Instead of saying “I’d rather not,” you can now say “I can’t. I own a one horse trailer.”
  • PROTECT YOUR BELONGINGS:  If you board, you can now keep your tack and feed secure and safe in one of the two lockable compartments in your one horse trailer.
  • SUPPORT:  With the purchase of your very own SoleMate, (your Personal Equine Transport System), you will become a member of the family of one horse owners and can be in touch with them through our website, blogs, and newsletters.  Neva and Tom become your personal horse trailer safety consultants, always being available for information about horse trailers, tow vehicles, and hitch safety. And that’s not all.  Special safety features and aftermarket safety items will be continually offered to you at reduced pricing.
  • SERVICE PHILOSOPHY:  If a problem does arise with your trailer the designers of EquiSpirit will be there to help.   Our customers come to us through word of mouth – through recommendations of people like you who own our one horse trailer. You need prompt quick, service response so that you can have your horse trailer ready when you need it.
  • ACTUAL SERVICE:  You may ask, “How can a company in North Carolina, with a factory in Wisconsin, service my horse trailer quickly and effectively in New Mexico? The answer is simple. Chances are there are very few, if any, full service horse trailer dealers near you, because there just aren’t that many in the whole country. Unlike car dealers, horse trailer dealers are often no more than tack shops, grain and feed stores, or a part of some other type of business.

    Unlike a car, a horse is a box on wheels. It doesn’t have spark plugs, fuel injection, anti lock brakes, and so on. All repairs can be easily and quickly done at a body shop.  We work closely with body shops to get them the parts you need and to support them with any questions they may have in getting your trailer repaired and back on the road quickly.
The SoleMate 2 Minus 1 Horse Trailer pricing starts at $19,500.

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