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EquiSpirit's Satisfaction Guarantee

"If you're not happy - We're not happy"

EquiSpirit gives you a simple, no questions asked, guarantee: If your trailer doesn't match your order details, we will correct the changes at no additional cost to you.

EquiSpirit's LifeTime Support

"When you invest into an EquiSpirit; EquiSpirit invests in you"

When you buy an EquiSpirit horse trailer, you are buying it directly from the company, not from a dealer. Buying a horse trailer direct from the company instead of indirectly through a horse trailer dealer (middleman), makes a huge difference when it comes to customer commitment. Since horse trailer dealers indirectly represent the lines they carry, not only do their selling motives vary, their interests in making sure you're safe and happy with a particular line are not often a priority during and after the sale.

We've eliminated the middleman (dealers)

All EquiSpirit's sales, warranty, and after-the-sale service is done directly by the EquiSpirit company Horse Trailer companies may come and go over time, but we'll always be here. Being happy with your EquiSpirit horse trailer is imperative to our wellbeing as well as yours.

EquiSpirit's Bonded Trailer Delivery System

If a driver has an accident delivering your new horse trailer, are you liable? It's possible, if the dealer you buy from is not knowledgeable about insurance regulations. Our delivery specialists are bonded and insured for your protection. They are also trained to introduce you to your new trailer, and will spend the time needed to answer all your questions. Learn more about ourĀ Long Distance Delivery Experts.

EquiSpirit's No Hassle Price

EquiSpirit's advertised price is the real price. There is no "call for pricing" and no need to waste your time shopping the country for the best deal. EquiSpirit's pricing is listed on our web site and in our brochures for your convenience. One shop pricing protects your future equity value, and gives you peace of mind, knowing you got the best deal. Click on the links below to calculate each model with options.

Rear Loading

EquiSpirit's standard full door/ramp system gives optimum protection to both you and your horses.

A sturdy, easy lift, non-steep (low-angle) ramp eliminates your horse from ever sliding under the rear of the horse trailer when backing out. Solid, Composite-Built with no plywood to deteriorate from water, urine, or manure over the years

The standard full height doors (w/ramp over) not only make loading/unloading easier, they solve a number of potential injuries that can happen when loading and unloading:

  • With both doors latched open, they prevent a horse from walking off to the side when loading.
  • Standing behind a closed horse door instead of behind the horse's legs when putting up the opposite butt bar keeps you from getting kicked.
  • Full height doors prevent a horse from kicking the ramp back into you before you have it all the way up and latched.
  • Having full height galvanized (non-rust) doors in addition to the ramp give your horses optimum fortification in case of a rear end collision.
  • Full height doors make it impossible for a horse to kick down the ramp and fall out on the open road.
  • When stooping over to pick up the ramp, full height doors prevent you from getting kicked in the upper body or head.

Full height doors

Full height doors shown open

Doors and ramp closed

Doors and ramp closed

Note: Swinging divider with no rear post makes the entrance more inviting for your horse to enter the trailer.

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