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EquiSpirit's Satisfaction Guarantee

"If you're not happy - We're not happy"

EquiSpirit gives you a simple, no questions asked, guarantee: If your trailer doesn't match your order details, we will correct the changes at no additional cost to you.

EquiSpirit's LifeTime Support

"When you invest into an EquiSpirit; EquiSpirit invests in you"

When you buy an EquiSpirit horse trailer, you are buying it directly from the company, not from a dealer. Buying a horse trailer direct from the company instead of indirectly through a horse trailer dealer (middleman), makes a huge difference when it comes to customer commitment. Since horse trailer dealers indirectly represent the lines they carry, not only do their selling motives vary, their interests in making sure you're safe and happy with a particular line are not often a priority during and after the sale.

We've eliminated the middleman (dealers)

All EquiSpirit's sales, warranty, and after-the-sale service is done directly by the EquiSpirit company Horse Trailer companies may come and go over time, but we'll always be here. Being happy with your EquiSpirit horse trailer is imperative to our wellbeing as well as yours.

EquiSpirit's Bonded Trailer Delivery System

If a driver has an accident delivering your new horse trailer, are you liable? It's possible, if the dealer you buy from is not knowledgeable about insurance regulations. Our delivery specialists are bonded and insured for your protection. They are also trained to introduce you to your new trailer, and will spend the time needed to answer all your questions. Learn more about ourĀ Long Distance Delivery Experts.

EquiSpirit's No Hassle Price

EquiSpirit's advertised price is the real price. There is no "call for pricing" and no need to waste your time shopping the country for the best deal. EquiSpirit's pricing is listed on our web site and in our brochures for your convenience. One shop pricing protects your future equity value, and gives you peace of mind, knowing you got the best deal. Click on the links below to calculate each model with options.


Unique to EquiSpirit is an adjustable coupler that provides a number of feature benefits:

  • You can adjust the coupler up or down to allow you to adjust the trailer to different height ball mounts.
  • You can change style of coupler in case you damage a coupler or want to switch to a different style just by removing two bolts/pins.
  • You can adjust height to fit different style weight distribution systems.

Bumper Pull Coupler

EquiSpirit gooseneck horse trailers use the safest and easiest-to-use coupler on the market today. When lowering the trailer onto the ball the latch automatically locks into place and releases with a cable that extends to the side of the trailer next to the jack handle. You can also adjust it up and down to level your trailer, insuring that your tires are all carrying the trailer weight equally.

Gooseneck Coupler

Rechargeable break-away batteries and extra heavy duty safety chains for added safety are standard on all EquiSpirit models. To insure a longer life on the 12 volt break-away battery and encasement, we install it inside the horse trailer on tag along trailers and under the gooseneck on gooseneck trailers to keep it out of the weather.

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